Why Choose Us

Why I would like to work for you and your clients:
– Value Add: Structure Settlement Broker and LLM Tax Attorney

– I have been in yours and your client’s shoes as a survivor, settlement recipient, structure client myself and a former plaintiff’s lawyer

– Familiarity with pressures and precarious nature of settlement negotiations

– Legal knowledge and experience drafting key settlement documents

– Fulfillment of your obligations to avoid legal liability

– Years of experience representing settlement recipients against the IRS

– Successfully bridge the gap between being a plaintiff and a settlement recipient

– Proprietary software designed to ensure the highest quote rates from all Insurance Companies

Clients, I’ve been in your shoes…

As a settlement recipient myself, I know how difficult going through litigation can be. I know how many decisions you are faced with. Receiving a settlement or verdict is a great victory, but also comes with a lot of added responsibility and pressure. I have dealt with this myself. Throughout the litigation process, one of the most stressful times for me was when my case was being settled. I decided to put much of my settlement in a “structured settlement” and found it was the best way for me to safeguard and grow a portion of that money. I was also audited by the tax authorities on that settlement and faced losing half of it to taxes. What I do now for others is a direct result of my past experience and is why I am so passionate about helping others in the same way that I was helped.

I was a client in the areas that I now work on your behalf. It is the reason I am driven to do this work and am so passionate about helping you in the same way.

Lawyers, I’ve been in your shoes…

As a former plaintiffs lawyer, I have been part of teams that have settled well over 100 cases totaling over $100,000,000. I know what you are up against when it comes to the pressures of litigation and settlement. The last thing you need is to bring someone in who delays or causes problems in your case. Whether on the tax side or as a structured settlement broker, we understand our role and the dynamics of litigation and settlement. You need someone who does everything right, facilitates finalization, and makes your clients happy. Instead of being a hinderance, we help get cases settled.

As a former plaintiffs lawyer, I know how you don’t want to be the one to have to give tax advice or structured settlement advice. We take that obligation and liability when you refer clients to us.

No one can match what we offer…

No one in the industry is a tax lawyer specializing in settlements and verdicts, former litigation attorney, personal settlement recipient, and structured settlement broker. This allows me to add value, expertise, and car to what we provide that no one else can match.

No one can safeguard you like we can…

Many structured settlements are set up defectively, leading to tax problems and liability. We have been brought in and asked to try and fix defective structuring of attorneys fees and/or structured settlements. There is almost nothing that can be done if there are any defects in setting them up. Thousands, tens of thousands, and even millions of dollars in taxes are at stake.

Structured Settlements were created by the tax laws. As such, there are very technical requirements, procedures and steps that must be followed. Mess up any of these highly technical requirements and the structured fee or settlement is destroyed.

Who do you feel more comfortable having set up yours or your client’s structured settlement; a salesman or a tax attorney with an LLM in Taxation who specializes in taxation of settlements and verdicts who also has a structured settlement brokers license?

Many of the top law firms and lawyers in the Country have brought us in to work on their cases…

Ryan DiMaria has been brought in and trusted by some of the top lawyers in the Country to work on their cases, for their clients, and for themselves. We feel proud to be the trusted source in many of the most high profile cases in the Country where the issue are complex and the amount of money at stake is immense. We are proud to say that, by and large, once a lawyer or law firm uses us once, they refer most of their clients to us thereafter.